Dear M,

I always had a crush on you since elementary and I can't forget when I first saw you in the school service/bus. When you approached me with your small eyes, bright smile, and cute voice. It was that moment that I fell in love with you. I wanted to be noticed by you but you're too dense. Is it because you're 1 year older than me or you only see me as a friend? I always tell myself that "there is still time so be patient". But years has past, you graduated elementary and I thought that I

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Hello strangers

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Dear Justin,


I know you are not expecting to receive a letter for me, but I would like to apologize to you. I know that it's been too long since then but I know deep inside in my heart that I need to say sorry to you. Maybe this letter doesn't have any meaning to you and maybe this letter will not reach you.

I always want to see you, to hold your hands and to look at your eyes. I wished we could walk down the streets together, we could visit historical places, we could ride a ferris

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Prayers for Marrione's 20th Birthday




It is always a baby’s sound the breaks down chains and walls. You gave us Your Son to as Your greatest act of love towards man. It is a manifestation You continue to use to prove your love and it came to me 20 years ago when Marrione was born into our family.

Chained to the many unfulfilled dreams, hanged up on mistakes of the past, imprisoned by anger and frustrated for not having the life we so desired, you gave Marrione to our family.

Her innocence came with so much wisdom. Her purity came with so much

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Ashamed to Admit

Sometimes, I feel so exhausted for doing the right thing. 

I just want to stop giving.

I just want to stop understanding

I just want to stop listening. 

I just want to stop staying. 


I want to leave. 

I want to walk away. 

I want to say no.

I want to stop being so damn considerate of others. 

How come other people can do all that and not feel guilty?

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That Moment

That Moment when you...

... learn your ex is married. Eveen if you don't love him anymore, there's is still a sense of loneliness, knowing he found what he was looking for and it wasn't you. 

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There are Days When it Takes a Bit More Effort


I know how blessed I am. In my head I know that I am extremely blessed to have a job, to buy the things I want, to have a roof over my head, to have friends, to have had this education, to have a family. 

I know all that. 

It's just there are days when knowing it all becomes routinary. There are days when it's harder to appreciate it and stand in awe of it. 

There are days when it's just a little harder to appreciate it all. 

Days when you look around and there's no one beside you. Days

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