I Will Not Give You The Satisfaction

I didn't know someone as horrible as you could exist in this world. 

I have all the reasons to be angry at you by now. You wanted me and actually believed I like you too. Not only are you married but you are simply not my type and now you can't take the rejection, you are being mean to me. 

I know you want me to break, to be angry at you too but I'm sorry. You are below me and you are not the one that will break me. 

I will not give you the satisfaction. 

You can be

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I wanted it but couldn't find it.


I found it but it belonged to someone else. 

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It's Okey Right?


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You don't know how I feel. Or how I have ever felt. But you just use me like I was a piece of trash to you. But you use my cousin when i wasn't available. Why?

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I Will Be

I will

... wake up and know that I am special

... walk with my head held high

... love myself with passion, respect and gentleness

... learn to never compromise

... know that I am special

... be happy


Just not today

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You've always annoyed me from the start. You say your own selfish things and you stir up all my feelings. You're so clingy but than you leave me and go away easily. You're cruel. 

Yet despite all that... I love you. 

- Bokura Ga Ita -

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i always like walking in the rain so no one can see me crying because i want  be a beautiful sun for person around me 

people cry not because they are weak,it's because they've been too strong for too long 

**i don't understand why DESTINY allowed some people to meet...

    when ther's no way for them to be TOGETHER

its not the GOOD BYE that hurts,  but the flashback that follows

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