i'm sad

its been like this the whole say i'm sad and lonely but i want to have fun with my life party all the tym and still b sucessful u know but with all the burden of studying and doind things i don't fell like doing my dad wants me to take 80% marks in my exams but how in the world am i ever going to do tht? i am the youngest of my sisters thy have everythng thy want in their life even a cell phone..i am 16 and grown up now i should atleast have my own cell phone to call my friends who by the way have their own... i sometimes feel tht i don't belong to the same family tht i mayb adopted =/ mom yells at me like she doesn't really trusts me or blames me responsible for smthng i don't even knw =/ and just to keep myself normal i have this whole other imaginary world of my own where i drift off whenever i'm sad...i knw tht it may becm to late to admit the world just does nt exist but i'm just nt ready for the real world now i guess i fell ignorant sometimes and sometimes and is nobdy cares abt me take this tym for instance tht i am alone, sitting in the lounge writting this crap... its just sometimes gud to knw tht u have sombdy thr waiting for u to tell him whts wrong vth u =/

Posted on 2011-03-19 13:55:39 by Anonymous  

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