Letter of Mark Chapman (John Lennon's Killer)


April 10, 1986



First, I'd like you to keep this letter confidential, between us only. Thank you.

I heard you today on Andy Thoma's BUFFALO TALKS (WWEB) and felt at least from your voice, I could write you concerning a very special matter. I also have some ____ questions ___ will follow.

On December 8, 1980 I shot and killed John Lennon. Before this _____ in the afternoon, I had asked him to sight this Double Fantasy _____. He did this also signing the date: 1980. I then _____ this album behind the _____ _____ both where it was found after my arrest. I hope ______ unsuccessfully for you (and 2 attorneys) to get this item back seeking to place at auction and donating the money to a children's charity. I felt it was the least I could do. Now is there any way to ______ the value of an item such as this? I have often wanted to write a _________ (Charles Hamilton comes to mind) concerning this but haven't. I _______ listening to you convinced __ I could trust you - I'm somewhat of a recluse.

Is there value that could be assigned to an item like this? Is this something that could only be determined at auction? Please let one ______ you feelings this.

I have autographed ______ of Sophia Tucker (its _______) and was wondering if this is worth anything. There is no __________ and the condition isn't that great.

Also do you have any Stephen King biography ________ _________? That is the worth of such items.

Any J.D. Salinger letter __________? I would like any autograph letters.

Could you send me any ___________ of the dealers who might have any of the above items?

Thank you Kindly,


(Sgd) Mark Chapman


Can you decipher the rest?

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