Prayers for Marrione's 20th Birthday



It is always a baby’s sound the breaks down chains and walls. You gave us Your Son to as Your greatest act of love towards man. It is a manifestation You continue to use to prove your love and it came to me 20 years ago when Marrione was born into our family.

Chained to the many unfulfilled dreams, hanged up on mistakes of the past, imprisoned by anger and frustrated for not having the life we so desired, you gave Marrione to our family.

Her innocence came with so much wisdom. Her purity came with so much joy. She was the most tangible proof of the hope, peace and love You offer. She was your grace, manifested.

You gave her to us the second time when she survived cancer. It is probably the most enlightening two and half years of our lives as a family. You made us realize how strong and courageous this child you have given us. You bonded us closer. You showed us that there will be no shortage of people that will help us without asking for anything in return. Most of all, You proved once again that if we only let You, death will never win… that if we only take the time to notice, Your love is always present… that if we just wait, You will give us what we need.

Marrione’s 20 years of existence is a miracle, one that happens every day. Marrione is a gift underserved.

Her life is not mine to offer but I can offer my love for her to You. May I have the strength, will and faith to love her as I mean to. It can only be possible with wisdom only You can give.

And so today, with all humility and courage I utter my most solemn prayer. One that will forever be underserved but no less desired.

Let me be, oh Lord, a manifestation of Your presence in her life. 


Posted on 2015-03-01 16:51:30 by Anonymous  

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