Maybe It Is Not Love

I saw you yesterday with him, the guy you told me is new assistant.


He probably is really your assistant but not just an assistant. I know I’m just a 15-year-old kid but I am not stupid. I know how you are supposed to touch an assistant and a lover.


I didn’t bother showing myself to you because I know you would act innocent and lie which will only aggravate the pain. I watched the both of you walk into the building with his hand on your waist and you giggling at something he said. it was such a cliché, I’ve seen it so many time in the past but it is not nearly as dramatic as the movies make it appear to be.


I don’t know how to feel, really. I feel disgusted. How could you sleep beside Dad every night. I hate you but I also want to believe that probably… probably this is not you. This is not the mother that brought m up and the wife that took care of Dad all these years.


Maybe this is not a relationship but some affair motivated by nothing but lust.


Maybe this is not love but some call to feel beautiful and desired because Dad is busy and we all have our own lives.  


Maybe this is not serious but some temporary thing that you just need to get off your system.


Maybe this will be over soon and maybe no one has to know. Maybe you will realize that we are more important than whatever it is that guy is giving you.


Maybe your true love is really us and this is just an affair.


Maybe I should let this pass and pretend like I never saw anything.



Posted on 2013-07-28 10:14:05 by Sad Daughter  

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