Conversation of my Mom and Dad Last Night


I don’t understand why you keep on trying to destroy me? I never stood in your way when you left me and gave you the freedom that you wanted.

When you told me you wanted a divorce, I cooperated with everything you wanted to make the process easier even if it meant taking all the blame.

I stayed out of your life like you wanted me to.You took the car, the house, the business… the money I have left is not even enough to start a new business. I had to get a loan from my parents. And now you want to take away my reputation?

What do you really want? It was you who left, don’t you remember? It was you who left me.



You never stopped me.

(long silence)

Yeah, that's what I though.

I walked out because i couldn't feel you with me anymore. You were pushing me to do it. And you made me look like the bad guy. You didn't even had the guts to ask for it, to tell me you want a divorce. You had to sneak you way into it.

I took everything away from you because I thought it's the only way to get even after you took away everything that matter. You made me feel like a useless woman. You made me feel I don't matter to you. You made me feel I don't give anything in our marriage except money.

Now, you know why I want to destroy you. It's the only way we'll get even.

Posted on 2013-07-24 01:47:38 by musings of a child  

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