Quote About Love


I believe in Karma. What you give off to the world is what you will get.

But I believe in love more. I believe that love interrupts that cycle. That it is more powerful that fate, destiny and karma.

Because if it is just me and what I have done in my life, I'm totally fucked up. I haven't done enough good to make up for the wrongs.

But God's love overpowers karma. Somewhere in that cycle, love enters to alter the trail I have created, the map future I have drawn up for myself.

It is the love of people around me and random and pure kindness of people that dictates the future.

I believe that love's power is so strong that
... it erases the damages we do
... it heals the wounds we inflict on ourselves and on others
... it shields us from the destruction caused by our own mistakes
... it protects us from own weknesses

Yes, I believe in karma but I also believe that love is more powerful.



Posted on 2013-06-23 01:47:15 by ArchieQ  

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