I Know... I Just Want You to Know that I Know

I don't remember exactly when I knew but I remember it was one of those nights when you came home late and you crawled into bed to snuggle close to me. It was one of the best sex we've had.

You have been amazing to me since, not just in bed, but in everything. You are more attentive to me, more sensitive with what I want, more considerate and more loving. We have been great since primarily because, for some reason, I also feel more liberated and free.

I feel I can finally do the things I want that doesn't involve you and I don't have to feel guilty about it. I can hang out with my friends, pursue some "me dreams", be who I am in every real, weird, disgusting way that I want to be and feel okay about it.

I get to be me when I am with and still be adored. I get to be me when I am not with you and not feel guilty.

She has become my freedom. Your relationship with her has become my freedom and the bond that has made you more committed to our marriage. 

Posted on 2013-04-26 00:18:14 by msfallonjig  

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