Sample Application Letter for any HR Position

Tips in Writing an Effective Sample Application Letter for HR Position 


  1. Think about how you can have a instant edge over all the other clients applying for the position. Remember that there may be applicants from a better school with better grades and better background. The only way you can edge them is to have a skill or experience that's rare but relevant. For example, do you specilize in recruiting scientists and businessmen? Do you speak 5 languages?
  2. Don't repeat what's alreay on your resume. Think of your application letter as your print ad. It is there to catch attention and grab your audience. It's not meant to give away everything, just enough to make you look interesting. 
  3. Say the position you are applying for in the first line. Immediately start with you selling proposition in the second sentence or second paragraph. 
  4. KISS. Keep it short and simple. 

Sample Application Letter for HR Position 




[Full Name]


[Company Name]



Dear [Name],


This is to apply for the position of Recruitment Officer or for any position commensurate to my qualifications under the Human Resource Division.


I will be graduating this June from the [Insert name of University or school] with a degree in [in state complete name of degree].


I took my on-the-job training at the [insert name of company] where I was trained how to combine traditional recruitment strategies and digital tactics. I was trained how to research for an applicants digital footprint without violating one’s privacy. This lead me to come up with a proposal that set up a detailed process on how to use different digital channels and utilities to perform a more comprehensive background check and professional investigation on any possible candidate.


The process I proposed has also been used as a jump off point by the marketing, procurement and marketing department in scouting for suppliers and other business partners.


My work as a  part-time digital marketing officer has allowed me to develop deep knowledge on how the internet traces and stores information about individuals who use it.


My resume has a more detailed description of my qualifications.


I’m available for interview anytime. My contact numbers are below my name and are also indicated on my resume.


Hoping for your favorable response. Thank you. 


Very truly yours, 


[Applicant full name under your signature]

[Contact Number]


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