Confessions of a Girl


I’m a good person to be with until you really get to know me.

I don’t love my sister as much as I should. I know my parents brought me up to love my family but I don’t love her as much as I should. She’s probably 20th on my list.

I have never forgotten how my uncles, aunties and cousins made me feel so unwanted when we were younger. The reason I worked so hard to become successful is to prove to all of them I am not such a loser as they made me feel when I was younger.

As successful as I am, I feel lonely because I still don’t have someone with whom I will spend the rest of my life with.

I wish I had a bestfriend.

I didn’t resign from my job, I was asked to resign. It turns out they didn’t need me.

I make up stories about how good is my work.

I had bad grades in school.

I wish I’m the kind of girl guys give second look to.

I want to be way from my family because I am tired of all the expectations and pressure.

I am tired of working and of supporting people. I want to just be able to live my life worrying about no one but myself. I love them but I guess I am just tired.

I am guilty for feeling that way.

I regret going into a relationship with my first boyfriend. I wasted the best years of my youth with him. We are friends though.

I’m scared of growing old alone. Of course I don’t admit it but I am terrified.

I regret not adopting the kid I wanted to adopt 3 years ago.

I was bulimic.

I feel so unattractive. I wish God gave me appeal.

I would like to think I am smart because I know am not beautiful.

I always try my best to be honest, to be a better person… I almost always fail but I swear I try my best every day.

Posted on 2013-03-26 03:19:26 by TrappedGirl  

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