Sample Application Letter for Researchers

Tips on how to Write an  Application Letter for a Research Position


This sample application letter of a research position is for consumer research positions or academic research positions, not scientific research positions. Before we go to the actual sample application letter, here are some tips on how to write a sample application letter for a research position.


  1. As always, don’t repeat what your prospective employer will find on your resume. Treat this as an advertisement of yourself. Whatever is your best qualification, put that as the headline.
  2. Remember that there are thousand others who are also vying for this position. Think of the one thing that will set you apart. For example, are you a social scientist and a statistician? Do you have a network of unique contacts to all 52 states? Do you speak 10 languages? If you can’t find something unique in you, then you are probably not going to get the job. There has to be something, find it.
  3. Edit. Edit. Edit.
  4. The sample below assumes you already have a working experience, if you don’t, then the research works you did in school will do but I suggest you volunteer and be a part of a really good research project.
  5. Keep it brief. If you have an existing job, briefly state why you want to move.
  6. If there are key requirements like ‘must have a driver’s license’ or ‘willing to travel’, then get those out of the way in the opening.


Sample Application Letter for a Research Position










Dear [Name],


This is to apply for the position of Researcher.


I am available to start immediately. I am also willing and able to travel should the assignment requires. I have a driver’s license.


I am part of the pioneering team that conducted the first international quantitative and qualitative study on the internet habits of seniors. The study covered 157 countries with more than 800,000 respondents. This study is completely independent. However, governments, non-government organization and private companies are annual buyers.


It was a project I conceptualized, proposed and implemented. It is also the most successful project our company has ever undertaken.


My expertise in statistics and 5-year exposure in social studies provided me with the capability to conceptualize, develop and run such projects. Other major projects I worked on includes:

  • Nationwide research the condition of public school diet
  • Annual consumer research for companies like Nestle and Unilever
  • Nationwide research on the profitability of different small business under different industries


You will find details of the above-mentioned project on my resume.


I am forever indebted to [NAME OF CURRENT COMPANY] but I feel that it’s time for me to take on greater challenges.


Should you wish to contact me, you will find my contact details under my name and also on my resume. I am free any day of the week from 1pm onwards.


Hoping for your favorable response. Thank you.



Yours truly,



[Name below signature]

[contact numbers]


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