The Monday Couple is Korea’s Rachel & Ross, Leonard & Penny

by: MRManalo

It’s nothing short of amazing to see how two people who are not even in a real relationship can make millions of people root for them.

People get into fights for them and include them in their prayers. People adore them, hate them, love them and watch them.

For ten years, millions of people around the world waited when Rachel and Ross will finally figure out they belonged to each other. Millions of people stayed with them in their journey… their crazy, cute and, often times stupid but, always adorable struggles to find themselves in the midst of their chaotic 20s and 30s and brutal New York City.

In that 10 years, they were together sparingly but those moments that were few and far between seemed enough to keep people on the show. Even more unbelievable is how people found moments that proved how right those two were for each other even on those years they weren’t together. It was the audience, more than the actors, directors and writers, who knew for certain Rachel and Ross were meant to be together.  It’s the same thing that’s happening with Leonard and Penny.  That’s why people stayed with 'Friends' and that’s why people are staying on 'Big Bang Theory'. It’s all because of faith that at the end this journey will be these two people walking down the aisle.

Monday Couple, Kang Garie and Song Ji Hyo, is to Korea as Rachel and Ross and Leonard and Penny were to the U.S.

Ross and Leonard are the romantic and overly in love guy who was willing to do anything to have the girl. Rachel and Penny were the beautiful girl that everyone dreamt about. They were the princesse smeant to marry their respective princes. Rachel was way out of Ross’ league but somehow, Ross was able to win her.

Garie is Ross and Leonard. He is the geeky, awkward guy from the country who always finds himself short of anything compared to other men around Ji Hyo. He is not good looking, not academically smart, not rich… not even tall. Ji Hyo, on the other hand, is perfect, in every way.

Ji Hyo is Garie’s ungettable get… unhaveable have.

That’s why they have millions of Koreans rooting for them… they are Korea’s living fairytale.

Garie represents most of the people in Asia. He had a hard life, an incomplete family and a misguided youth. He failed, a lot of times and he continues to fail. He committed a lot of mistakes and he continues to commit a lot of mistakes. He has a lot of weaknesses and has not really gotten over them to this day. He is as real as real can get. He is relatable, believable, understandable… he is us… plus more.

Garie has an unbelievable courage, the kind that most of us wouldn’t even dare dream of having. He wore his heart on his sleeve. In the midst of 6 beautiful girls, he screamed for Ji Hyo; even after repeated rejection and betrayal, he gave her his jacket; he took care of her when she was sick and stayed away when she wanted him gone. He did it all before millions of people watching.

But he has his own thing, that one thing he is good at and secured his place under the sun - his music. It’s a small place but a happy one, a place he doesn't mind sharing to the world.

He lives a simple life, hangs out with the same people he knew even before he became a celebrity and remains loyal to the basics of his life, his mother, his music and his friends. In the music world, he casts a giant shadow.

He is us and the us we want to become and that’s why people want to see him succeed in everything.

Song Ji Hyo is the opposite of Garie and exactly like Rachel. She is beautiful, hot, tall and every other guy seems to want her. You can put a curtain around her body and she will still look like a goddess. She’s soft spoken and gentle. She is that girl you envied in high school for her beauty. She is that girl you continue to envy today.

She’s not us but she’s the girl we dream being.

That’s why we love to see her conquered by someone like us, Garie.

Unlike Rachel and Ross and Leonard and Penny, however, the love story of Ji Hyo and Garie cannot be written for them. The audience cannot force the writers to create the ending they want by pushing the ratings in episodes they are together and not watching in episodes they are not.

It’s not even a real story and that’s why it’s more painful to follow. The Monday Couple is a fictional couple made up of real people.

They will most likely not have the perfect ending that Rachel and Ross had and Leonard and Penny will surely have. MC’s ending seems bitter sweet. Ji Hyo is happy with her boyfriend and Garie seems over her and has moved on. Their dynamics have also changed, from being a romantic couple to an occasionally playful couple.

The only ones left broken hearted are the viewers... the viewers who hoped that someone they root for can live the love they couldn't have. But then again, the whole world waited for Rachel and Ross for ten years and are still waiting for Leonard and Penny after 6 years… Running Man has only been on air for 3 years… who knows what will happen.

Posted on 2013-02-20 13:19:15 by MRManalo  

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