10 Things I Want To Do With My Baby | Sweet Love Letter to My Boyfriend

1. Visit Batane

Strange and wonderful how visiting a different place reveals a lot about you as much as it reveals a lot about someone else’s culture. The Philippines is so full of it – culture, languages, history, personality. Thus, the more I see of the Philippines, the more I learn about me.

And Batanes – I have always heard about how beautiful it is and have always wanted to go. When I do get to visit it, I want you with me. Boracay, Palawan, Surigao – these are places you can never go wrong with. Romantic, beautiful and breathtaking but so many couples have been there and so many memories have been made there. But Batanes, only a handful, relative to the universe. I want our memories to be one of the few made there. And when someone mentions Batanes, or you read Batanes somewhere, or you – out of the blue – think of Batanes, you will think of ONLY me.


2. Visit a foreign country


If visiting a place in the Philippines reveals me more about myself, visiting another country makes me grow, look farther, move on. It is the next phase in my life, travel the world as much as my money will allow me and I hope to be making as much of it with you.

Hong Kong is my favorite city and I would mind going there again as long as I do it with you. I want to go back and visit the US too. The country is just so big and there is so much I have to see. I want to go to Vegas with you, LA and walk around Hollywood with you, see San Francisco, New York to watch a broadway show. I’ve never been to France, Italy and Amsterdam and I would want to visit it before I die. I’ve always heard about how romantic the place is, about how simply being there transports you to different “dimension” of life. If and when I get to visit it, I want every minute of it with you.


3. A movie marathon

The Notebook, Babel, Memento, are all on our list. But I also want to watch an absolutely terrible movie with you. I want to feel how having you beside me while watching the movie will make me feel like it’s the best made movie of the year.



4. Look for an apartment



5. Shop for furniture

I think I will specifically enjoy looking for a bed. =P


6. Pig out

6.1 That restaurant in behind UP Diliman. I’ve dined there so many times. It’s one of those you-are-not-a-real-UPnian-if-you-have-never-dined-here sort of place.


6.2 Isawan in UP

We drive an hour just to sit by the sidewalk while we eat isaw, tuknene, chicken and fish balls. But, every time, it’s all worth it.


6.3 Almer’s in UST

As I’ve said, blood remains gold, only my skin is maroon. If UP has casaa, we have almer’s. The chicken, beef and pork are just like any other chicken, beef and pork in other places. But the gravy, baby, the gravy!


6.4 Sonia’s Garden in Tagaytay

Have never dined here but I heard that it’s a must for any couple. Let’s find out why.


7. Drive

Just drive…


8. Watch a Sugarfree concert

Because it’s your favorite band and we both love music.


9. Watch a basketball game

I’m not sure you want to do this but I know you love basketball and there I know this is something you haven’t done with any of your exes, am I right? it’s different, it’s fun, it’s light.


10. Sleep together


We’ve done it so many times… so many nights… so many mornings… I just want to be able to touch you when I want to this time.

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