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It fascinates me that among all the people we hang out with, the only ones who havenít been in rehab is me and liam.

Thatís the difference between the middle class and the working class. The middle class experiment with drugs. The working class just get stuck in one. Forget about experimenting with them. Letís just get them done. 

You hear about all these stories about these rockstars going in to rehab. Somebody must take them aside at one point and said I think you might be going off the rails. You might want to go to the priory or somethiní. We were off the rails to start with. We were off the rails even before we got a record deal. We arrived in London hammered. Just out of it.

INTERVIEWER: Youíre clean now. NOEL: I donít like that term. Iíve never considered myself to be dirty.
If there were gold medals for taking drugs, I would have won a shitload.


Heís gone to the zoo. The monkeys are bringing their kids to go and have a look at him. [Noel on October 2006, explaining why his brother Liam was not at the Q awards where their band Oasis was named Best Act in the World and Noel picked up the Classic Songwriter prize]

Itís a good thing we donít live in the u.s. where guns are more accessable,because Iíd have blown his head off by now. The problem is I canít fire him because me ma would kill me. 

Heís a genius frontman, he was born to this and thatís something I canít be. But he also wishes he was me, always has. His fans come up to him after shows & I hear him giving all this gob-shite, and I think, ëShut-up you twat, I babysat for you!
I owe my whole career to this guy [Liam].

Liam is a songwriting genius. His songs make me cry ícause they are better than mine.

My whole world came crashing down on me then. If it hadnít have been for Liamís support I donít know what Iíd have done. This is my little brother, who I look after, putting his arm a round me, saying ëItíll be all right man.í But I donít think people will ever forgive me for it.[Noel concerning his comment on Blur and Aids]

The only people who will get it is Liam and me. [On his relationship with Liam]
He is predictably unpredictable. I can never work him out. Ever. Iíve known him all my life. 

He [Liam] actually heckled every single person that moved that afternoon, not just Robbie. He even heckled us ëAnd the best live band in the world is Oasisí (imitating Liam) ëThatís rubbish! Oh, itís us.í He even heckled me on our way up. (imitating Liam) ëI hate you, fu$% you. You rubbish. You canít play the guitar.í He didnít discriminate. I even caught him in the toilet looking at himself in the mirror ëwhat are you looking at? Rubbish. You canít sing sh!t. Rubbish.í

We shared a bedroom which I always resented that [sic] because my older brother got his own bedroom and I am sharing mine with Liam when he came along. I never quiet forgiven him for that. 

Heís just as mad as a barking rattlesnake and always will be. 

We're brothers, man. He is the singer in my band and Iím the songwriter. Thereís a bond between us that will never be broken by some guy with a typewriter. 


I'm a happy-go-lucky character. Iím not that miserable. But I can never let anyone into my world

It is hard to be modest at times like these, so I wonít even try-youíre all sh!t!
You want to be me & Liam for an afternoon? Youíd slit your throat.

I hate rock-stars that whine about the price of fame..let me just tell you that being famous is great. I love it, man! When you get stopped walking down the street for an autograph thatís the best feeling in the world.

I'm equal part genius, equal part buffoon. 

I'm not like John Lennon, who thought he was the great Almighty. I just think Iím John Lennon.

One of my goals is to stop wearing womenís clothes

I do all the work so itís only right that I should get the most money. Plus I am the most handsome.

Next year I hope to get a stalker or two because I donít believe youíve arrived until you get a stalker

I`m a great songwriter, but I`m not the most talented musician.

I'm at f$%#iní best, average. [On his guitar playing skills]

This guy came up to me from some band and he said that ëMan, Iíd hate to be you right now, no privacy at allí and I was thinking, ëSure thing man, I have a fucking Rolls Royce, a million dollars in the bank, a fucking mansion and my own jet and you think youíd feel sorry for me? What are you? Iíd hate to be you, broke as hell living in the dole.

Full fat [milk] please. I want to bring in a heartattack as quick as I can. Had enough of this life. 

I'm a rockstar. Iím paid to be childish.

I like a few women, but i like men an awful lot more. [No, he is not gay. He was reading a text message from a radio listener. ñ Ed]

I was prolific [in songwriting] in my youth, you know what I mean, cause I had plenty of time in my hands. But what happensÖ you get kind of older you get more baggageÖ When I was 24 I had a guitar, I had a pair of adidas trainersÖ And thatís all I cared about... But as life gets on you get kids and all that carry onsÖ You get married. And then you get divorce and blah blah blah and all that. You donít have the time to devote to music. 

I can't write songs about being unemployed and young. Iím a rock star and a millionaire. It wonít be honest.


Those other bands are not even in a position to string my guitar at the moment. [When asked how oasis compare to most other British bands, such as Elastica, Supergrass, & Blur]

Just because you sell a lot of records doesnít mean you're any good. Look at Phil Collins.

Kylie Minogue is just a demonic little idiot

Idiot! [on Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Eminem]

They should be shot. [Noel on the Backstreet Boys][After 5 years he was reminded of what he said about Backstreet Boys, this is what he said] That was a long time ago. I'm still waiting.

I remember someone come up to me back in í94 who shall remain nameless saying ëI like your workí. And I was going ëdid you? I hate yours.í


Oasis arenít role models, weíre honest. This is what we do and this is what we get up to. Weíre not criminals, devils, or anti-christs, weíre people.

The songs speak for themselves. They donít need for us to go run up or down the stage like Guns Ní Roses. We know our strenghts and weaknesses. Weíre not showmen, weíre musicians.

Me and Bonehead would just walk into a hotel room and empty it out the window.  

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