Kang Gary Quotes & Trivia | LeeSsang Part 6

Kang Gary Quotes:

I don't believe in boundaries and I mess things up all the time.

My fame and my music have nothing to do with each other.

When I joined Running Man, I worked harder on my music because I don't want people to think variety is all I do. I am a musician. That's important to me.

We write what we want to write... no sugar coats, no romanticism... what we say is what we feel.

We can't just talk about the pretty things in life. There's a lot of ugly things and in betweens. I think age is making me more honest and comfortable with my thoughts.


Kang Gary Trivia:

After the success of Asura Balbalta, Gil and Garie found it difficult to find inspiration. They realized it's because they have been living in nice houses and are owning nice things. Garie decided to look for a place that looks like the small and dirty loft he used to live in and Gil lived in a basement. It was when they felt the cringing difficulty of their life did they find themselves coming up with ideas for new materials.

"Turned Off The TV" is the first title track of any album that discusses sex.

Garie and Gil was so broke after their first album that they were resolved to quit if their album failed. They were already doing music for 6 years and nothing was coming their way. They were in their late 20s and they feel thay haven't achieved anything yet.

Garie made Gil decide what is the title track of their second album. Gil felt that choosing the wrong song will destroy their career. He chose "LeeSsang Blues".

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Thank you. I learned a lot about Kang Garie (and Leessang -Gil-). Thank you again :)

Posted on 2013-01-22 14:54:27 by pendo