Unrequited Love Letter


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It breaks my heart to see your heart broken.

To those who don’t know you well, they wouldn’t notice anything changed. You are your same witty and occasionally competitive self. You make people laugh anytime you are called to do so. You are the same dependable guy who will do the most unimaginable things, even it is hard, even if it is painful, even if it is inconvenient just for your teammates.

But I notice. I notice the pain that others don’t see.

I can see the distance you keep between you and the rest of the world. I know that the jokes you deliver is as much to make yourself laugh as it is for others. I feel the pain you are suffering for losing something even before possession.

I see it… I see your heart on the floor broken to million pieces because she chose someone else.

The funny thing is that I couldn’t even bring myself to wish that you notice me and love me instead of her. I can’t bring myself to do that.

All I want is for you to recover and move on. I want your pain to stop and I wish there is something I can do to help you move on.

I wish there is something I can do to make you realize that you are special. I have never seen or met anyone kinder and nicer.

You look out for your friends. When everyone else gang up on someone, you quietly go to their side to offer your support. When you know that your friend is about to make a fool of himself, you step in and try to knock them back to their senses. You offer to take punishments for someone. You do little things to make sure your friends are safe and comfortable, even when no one notices.

You have never made fun of other people even if it’s fun. You always… always see the best in everyone and you make it known.

You worked hard for what you have achieved without using anyone, without stepping on someone else’s feet and even when no one believed in you. You are successful because you worked hard not because of someone else’s money. Whatever you have and whatever you will have, it’s all because of your hard work.

You are a perfect gentleman. Women throw themselves at you but you never took advantage. You have kept a safe distance but you always run to them if they need protection or help.

You love your parents and have gone beyond your limits to make sure they are happy. You have damned the world just to make your parents happy.

Most of all, you are honest. You tell the truth even if is dangerous, even if it hurts, even if you don’t have to… and honesty is hard to be had.

I wish you see this whenever you look at the mirror. I wish you see the reflection of a great man, a man of dignity, honor and decency… a man that every girl dreams about.

I wish I could take your pain away and I am willing to do anything to make that possible.

I wish… I wish… there is something I can do to make you happy.

Posted on 2012-12-31 21:18:10 by stclopper  

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