Kang Gary Trivia | 10 Things I Love About Gary Part 3

10 Things I Love About Kang Gary (LeeSsang)

1. His awkward sweetness. Who would forget that time when he gave everyone in RM apple juice
because he didn’t know how to apologize for the trouble he caused when he announced he was
quitting RM?

2. He is protective of his friends. Ep 24, when SJH asked Haha to give a message to his ex gf whom he
just broke up with, KG stepped in and gently told Haha to not make a fool of himself. It seemed like a joke
to others but you know KG was really looking after Haha. He also supported LKS after LKS got scolded
by everyone in the volleyball game in the Idol vs RM episode and there’s a lot more of these moments.

3. His occasional wild side. Every now and then, we get a glimpse of his old troublemaker self.

4. He is never shy about admitting his past mistakes. He talked about how he feels responsible for the
break up of Honey Family, how he almost made a mistake of chasing fame rather than music itself., etc.

5. The way he never lets anyone use anything to hurt him. People called him Gae to tease him for looking
like a dog, he took that name turned that into a legendary rapper. People always call him naive, he
stood by it in RM and won the two biggest individual battles in RM’s history.

6. His courage in doing new things with his music. He (and Gil) knew that many would frown at their
Unplugged album. They knew that they would be accused of selling out but they didn’t care. They did
the album because that’s what they wanted to do.

7. His loyalty. That’s 16 years of making music with one guy. At some point, he (and Gil) made
the decision to stay, not matter how hard things have become and they went through a lot but
they are still together..And even after all the success, they are still with the same management
company they started out with.

8. He never seeks revenge. He talked about being tempted to go back to everyone who looked down
on him now that he is successful but he said it is not worth it  Even in RM, he doesn’t seek
revenge to those who have betrayed him.

9. When he trusts, he trusts completely... even if he knows he will get betrayed... and it’s not just on RM.

10. He doesn’t get jealous. He does his best with what he has... and look at where he is now.


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