Real High School Love Letter

Just going through some of the stuff I had in school. This is a love letter I got when I was a Sophomore. I never knew who gave it.


Dear Jenna,

Look at me, I don't even know how to start my letter. I feel like a stupid jerk, trying to let you understand something I myself don't understand.

I don't want this to appear like one of those corny love letters your friends would laugh at or a love letter you will read 20 years from now and laugh at.

I want this love letter to be a sweet memory that will make you smile.

I don't have enough courage to tell you personally what I feel for you simply because I think it's not right, at least not now. You treat me like an older brother. You come to me for advise and you trust me a lot. I'm afraid you might think that I'm taking advantage of this.

The last thing I ever want to do is make you think I am taking advantage of you. I will never ever hurt you or do anything that will destroy that trust.

I would rather keep this all to myself for now. I will take comfort on the fact that at least I can spend time with you, we laugh a lot, share a lot of things with each other, and you feel comfortable with me.

I am writing this simply because I want to let it out. I just have to say I love you.

There, I've said it. I'm old enough to know it's true. It's not infatuation. If it is, I would have done the most immature thing and just asked you to become my girlfriend.

We just met at the wrong time. I can't pursue you right now and I know you can't be in a relationship with me. Besides, I think you deserve someone better, more intelligent, more handsome, kinder, richer... a perfec tone.

All I can do now is to make sure that if you ever get into a relationship, I'll be there at the other end of the rope. I'll be the shoulder you can cry on and a person to give you advise when you need one. I'll be the best big brother you'll ever find.

I am sorry if I can't find better words to say this but you know I'm not a poet. The only way I can say it is to say it directly but I can assure you, it came from the heart. I do hope you feel it.

One of these days, maybe I'll introduce myself to you. Maybe the right time will come. For now, I promise to take care of you.

Remember, you are special and there is someone here who cares.


Someone Who Loves You


Posted on 2012-12-09 22:06:38 by Samba898  

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