Letter of Recommendation for College Application

All information here are ficitional and is intended only to provide a sample letter of recommendation for college application.

Please replace all necessary information with yours.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for College Application #1


I am writing in support of [Full Name] and [his/her] application to attend the Manhattan School of Music for the [Program Title] program. I do not frequently write recommendation letters because I have made it a policy to support only those who are both skilful enough and disciplined enough to finish a graduate program. [Mr./Ms. Last Name] is one such student.


As [Professor’s Title] of [Professor’s Department] at [University Name], I work with many talented students but very few has the consistency of dedication to continue improving her craft as [Mr./Ms. Last Name].


I first met [Mr./Ms. Last Name] in my [Course Title] course during the [Season and Year] semester. She earned a [Grade] in the class, [Percentage] per cent above the class average. She was evaluated based on [enumerate the exams, performances, etc]. Her performance in [Name of the performance] last [date] earned her brilliant reviews in [mention the reviews]. She also got a [Grade] for her performance in [name of performance]. This clearly proves that she consistently gives great performances in a level that allows others to notice and appreciate her.


She has also proven her skill in a competitive environment. She won the grand prize twice in 19TH International Student Competition hosted by Music Association of Korea in 2006 and the 38th Nanpa-Hong Music Concours hosted by Music Association of Gyeong-gi, also  in 2006.


 [First Name] is consistently performing beyond expectations. Her [put name of coursework] work showed her ability to learn new pieces in such a short period and be better than others who have done the same performance with longer preparation.  It is a display of her skill, discipline and dedication.


In addition to [his/her] work and education, [First Name] also volunteers [his/her] time volunteering at [Club or Organization Name]. The goal of the organization is to [brief description of the organization]. [He/She] doesn’t only perform but help in conceptualizing the program that earned [worth] for the [Name of Club or Organization].


All these things prove her skills, leadership skills, and outstanding character that will be an asset to any academic institution. I am sure [First Name] is destined to excel in terms of skill and leadership. I highly recommend [her name]. She is highly qualified in both character and talent. Likewise, it will be a great help in honing [Mr./Ms. Last Name]’s musical skills.


If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me.


Sample Letter of Recommendation for College Application #2

This is to support [Full Name] and [his/her] application to attend the Manhattan School of Music for the [Program Title] program. After [no. of year in the recommender’s profession] years as a [profession of the person recommending, rarely have I attested to someone’s credentials and even more rarely have I recommended someone to a respected institution like yours. However, [Mr./Ms. Last Name] is a student whom I know deserves my recommendation.


As [Professor’s Title] of [Professor’s Department] at [University Name], I have worked on many students that impressed me with their impeccable vocal abilities or unwavering ambition to become the best in singing, writing, or playing their instrument. However, [First Name] is one of the few that have both.


 [First Name] has been under my training through her [Course Title] course since [Season and Year] semester. I immediately noticed her talent in first couple of minutes in class. Despite her lack of professional training before my class, the quality of her vocals was more impeccable than most others who have been training for years. She was known to work overtime on pieces or projects given to her but was never shy to ask help when she feels she needs to do more.


Her improvement is evident through the evolution of her vocal powers. I first saw her perform ‘Die Fledemaus’ with the Yonsei Symphony Orchestra in 2008. She already got some of the best reviews for a young soprano but her performance of the ‘Die Zauberflöte’ with Yonsei Symphony Orchestra in 2010 positioned her as one of the best soprano that ever set foot in Yonsei University.


Her dedication in music also rings through in her whole life. She is well disciplined and does nothing that could potentially destroy her voice and music.  All these hard work earned a [Grade] in the class.


Even more amazing is the fact that she also set her sight on making music, not just singing it. This, I believe, is the ultimate sign that she truly has mature. It enables her to perform music with much more depth because she starts feeling music from the perspective of its composers.


I can assure you that [Mr./Ms. Last Name] will be an asset in your university and will be a source of pride of your institution. If there is any more information I need to provide, feel free to get in touch with me and I will be more than cooperative.

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