Sample Application Essay for Post Graduate Studies

When I was in primary school, I witnessed how people live in poverty in the village near my hometown. I wondered then why the standard of living was so different between two neighbouring districts. Since that time, the causes of poverty and affluence have sparked my interest in current affairs.

Studying Economics as an academic discipline has enabled me to see a new world, one which is based on supply and demand. It seems to me that the invisible hand of the market needs to be moderated by government policy to get the best balance for economic growth. What attracts me most is that these abstract economic theories can be revealed by employing mathematics and sophisticated statistical techniques. However, solving economic problems is like lining up dominoes, one hardly noticeable change can cause a sequence of alterations. It is these characteristics of economics that I find fascinating.

To help me gain insight into the world of economics, I spent a month on work experience this summer in the family chemical factory. Stints in the workshop, laboratory and sales department increased my awareness of team working, safety, accuracy, market research and customer relations.

In Accounts, I used manufacturing accounts software and gained an understanding of how the business transactions related to the cash flow statements. I read "The Economist” to keep up to date with global politics and business news. The international media's portrayal of new China has made me reflect on and analyse Chinese problems in a different light. John Kay's "The Truth about Markets”, gave me answers to puzzling questions that even a non-specialist would ask through a wide range of references and simple examples.  On the other hand, especially after witnessing the 1997 Asia Financial Crisis, I enjoyed exploring the causes, consequences and influences of this financial crisis. I was astonished that it affected different countries and even continents, prejudicing the livelihoods of millions within the course of a mere few months. Therefore I have met with some entrepreneurs to find out how they struggled to adapt to a new policy and recover from the financial crisis. I observe the financial market trends in the Financial Times every day to see how the market is reacting to the current world recession.

Studying Maths since I was six has given me a high level of calculating skill which is invaluable for drawing conclusions from various economic data. Through Physics I have developed a logical way of thinking which is required for applied Economics. Further, by studying Further Maths I have gained a diverse range of transferable skills, including how to apply the process of calculus and also good spatial understanding in Mechanics and Statistics. To succeed in Maths, I have not only developed my skills of mathematic calculation, but also clarity and rational written communication in mathematic expressions. My enjoyment of studying Maths is continuously increasing with the depth of my understanding.

Active membership of Concord's Fundraising for Charity Committee and Outreach Society has greatly enhanced my management and communication skills as well as enabling me to make a small difference to world poverty. This term it has been most rewarding to help set up an Orphan Sponsorship scheme. Drama Club, dance and music performances have increased my self-confidence and public speaking skills tremendously, as well as my ability to cope in stressful situations. I would like to take part in more dramatic and musical productions to entertain people at university and I never want to stop trying to help those who live in poverty.

I believe, without doubt, that equity can be improved by the right economic policies. I am eager to develop and apply the study of economic principles on an international level, using mathematical techniques. I know they are the right subjects for me to study at university.

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