Sample College Application Letter for a Music Degree

Tips in Writing a College Application Letter for Music Major

  1. Emphasize what you have already achieved. That will give the college or university a better gauge on your potential.
  2. Highlight names of the most credible teachers that trained you. The reputation of your teachers will also reflect your potentials.
  3. Remember that universities are looking for someone that may potentially give them fame by producing graduates that can take leads in shows or even go on commercial venture. Mention the biggest shows you have participated in.
  4. Keep it short and direct. Say what you want to say in the first sentence.
  5. The letter is meant to introduce you. Remember that you still need to include a more detailed list of your credentials through your resume. This means you shouldn’t repeat what you will say on your resume. Concentrate on giving highlights. Think of it as an ad, a way for you to say something that will inspire them to take a closer look at you.
  6. Edit. Edit. Edit.


Sample College Application Letter for a Music Degree









Dear [Last Name],


I am writing to apply for the [program] for the [school year term] term.

I am a Vocal Music senior at the College of Music, [insert a university name] where I have been the Principal Soprano for the College Music Choir, Symphonic Choir, and Female Choir. I will be graduating this [put date] with an estimated [put general weighted average] GWA.

I also studied Vocal Music at [insert high school] where I was the Principal Soprano for the [insert name of school].

I have ten years of training under three professors, [insert name of teacher] from Example University of Fictional City, Mr. John Smith from Harvard University and Ms. Hanna Smith from John Hopkins University.

Their training helped me greatly in winning the 1st Prize winner at the 65TH International Student Competition and the 1st Prize winner at the 21st International Soprano Music Competition. Some of my other notable performances include Mozart’sWhatever the name of the Piece at the New Artist Debut Recital in 2011, Die Zauberflöte and La Boheme with the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra in 2010.

I’ve continued my pursuit of excellence which has led me to participate in the Master class at the New York Opera House in Manhattan and in the Opera Camp hosted by the International Opera University. However, I do know that the training I will get from your well-recognized academy will take me give the level and kind of training and education that I need to master my craft and eventually contribute to the growth of classical music.

Attached is my resume and application essay. I hope that you consider my application and give me a chance to prove my skills and hone it under your institution.

Let me know if there any other requirement I need to pass. Hoping for your favorable response.


Thank you.


Very truly yours,




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