Coping With Breakups


The best way to find out what is the best coping with breakups strategy for you is to know what kind of a person you are.

1)      Are you the drama queen? Do you thrive in conflicts and problems? If you are, then you are most likely going to drag the whole drama of your breakup longer. Accept it and just find ways on how to turn the drama into positive. For example, you may start a blog and write everything you feel or remember about the relationship. You might get enough readers, likers and haters for you to earn some money through Google Adsense.

2)      Are you the quiet type? Do you prefer suffering alone rather than let the whole world learn of your misery? Then you are better off finding and doing activities that you can do alone.

3)      Are you the I-Cant-Let-Others-Know-I-Have-Been-Dumped kind of person? Do you hate having other people look at you with pity? Then you are most likely going to pretend nothing is wrong. You would probably refuse to do anything out of the ordinary because that would mean something has changed and your pride can’t take that.

4)      Are you the mature kind? Are you fully aware that coping with breakups is hard to do but it is also not the end of the world? Are you aware that this, whatever this is, too shall pass? Are you aware that you will emerge out of this a better person? Then, congratulations, you are one of the few lucky ones.

Coping With Breakups Strategies

1.      Look For Ways To Feel Powerful

Take up a martial arts class. You don’t have to be super athletic to be able to learn basic self-defence techniques. You just need to be willing to learn. If you really doubt you athletic ability, you may opt for martial arts that concentrate on self-defence rather than offence. Go for Arnis, Krav Maga, and Aikido. Martial Arts train you to be in control of yourself. It also allows you to express your aggression but trains you to divert it to the proper target. It is a cathartic but it’s also empowering.

Also remember that when the body does any physical activity, it excretes endorphins. It’s an enzyme that makes us happy. That means that when you do martial arts, it will make you feel better, like it or not.

2.      Look For Ways To Laugh

Actively look for ways to laugh. Try watching Russell Peters, Jeff Dunham, Lucas Brothers, and other stand up comedians. If you can’t afford their shows, watch them on YouTube.

Try watching movies that make you laugh. Do whatever it is that make you laugh. Remember, laugh… not just happy. It has to be something that cracks you up.

3.      Help a Non-Profit Group or Travel Volunteer

Do something for other people. It will:

-          Help you feel you are worth something to some people

-          Boost your confidence that you can do something good

-          Keep you occupied

-          Help you realize that you are not the most unfortunate person in the world. When you deal with people who can only afford to eat every other day, losing that jerk isn’t so bad after all.

The list of non-profit group to help is endless:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • World Vision
  • WWF
  • United Nations

You may also check out these organizations that will give you a chance to travel:

  • Global Service Corps -
  • Global Volunteers -
  • i-to-I -

4.      Just Because You Feel Like Crap, Doesn’t Mean You Should Look Like One

Here’s a mantra you should always hold true. No matter the condition, no matter the situation, never allow yourself to look like a rejected has been. Look good even if your eyes are sad, make sure you always look good.

One, beautiful sad people are always attractive and intriguing. Even if you are not interested in dating anyone, believe me when I say, it’s going to help you recover when other people are interested in you.

Two, just in case you see your ex or the new girl or guy your ex is seeing, you wouldn’t want her to see how much of a loser you are, right? Give yourself some dignity and try to look good.

I have a friend who made it a point to cry in front of a mirror. That way, he was able to see how bad he looks when he cries. Eventually, in his quest to look hot even when miserable, he was able to develop the ability to cry in one eye.

5.      See a Shrink

You don’t need to be completely bananas to see a shrink. A shrink will help you know yourself a bit more. When you know yourself better, you can heal faster.

6.      Make a Profit Out of It


You may:

  • Sell his stuff and the stuff he gave you and the stuff that reminds you of him
  • Start a blog or write a story about your love story. You can earn through Google Adsense or approach a publisher for a chance to publish your books

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