Sample Cover Letter of Application for Fresh Graduates

Tips on Writing Letters of Application for Fresh Graduate

  1. Edit. Make sure your letter is grammatically perfect.
  2. Avoid “general” terms and “motherhood statements” like:
    1. Efficient in
    2. Proven leadership abilities
    3. Expert in
    4. Experience in
  3. Show don’t tell. If you are an expert in something, explain what makes your think you are an expert. For example, if you are an expert in Biofuels, state whether you have developed a certain product, worked for a Biofuels company, etc. If you have proven leadership abilities, what project have you lead and successfully finished. Also state the measure of your leadership success. You can’t expect people to take your word that you are a good leader. You need to provide an evidence or exact measure to back-up your claims.
  4. Make sure you have at least one “achievement”. It could be your internship. If you don’t have the quantity of achievement, highlight the things you learned or gained from the one achievement. For example, what relevant thing did you learn from your internship that can contribute to the company you are applying for.
  5. Research the company you are applying for. What is their future projects, their current project, their vision, and others? From this, you will determine what it is that you can offer to them that will contribute to them reaching their goals. Remember that an application is about the company, not about you. It is about the company’s needs. So talk about that, not about yourself.


Tips on How To Behave During The Interview

  1. Never call anyone Ma’m or Sir unless they call you Ma’am or Sir.
  2. Bring an extra copy of your resume.
  3. Listen and remember the names of the people that might interview you.
  4. Assume every woman is single.
  5. Bring something that could potentially start a conversation outside of the job like a book, an interesting (but appropriate jacket). Having a “defining” mark will help the employer remember you more.
  6. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke, just don’t overdo it.


Example Cover Letter [Sample Application Letter for Fresh Graduates of Chemical Engineering]





Full Name






Dear Ms. [Last Name]:


This is to apply for the position of [name of position].


I took my internship at the [name of company] where I was chosen to be a part of the team that performed laboratory studies of steps in manufacturing what would soon become the most affordable solar panel internationally. This is part of the of company’s vision to provide the most energy efficient roofing to every home in the world. I was the first and only intern that was ever chosen to be a part of the company’s product development team.


The training I got on how Western Quality Standards meet with Asian’s capacity cut cost to come up with the most efficient energy products would greatly contribute to your company’s vision to become the biggest provider of energy-related products to consumers.


I have further detailed my other qualifications in my resume. You will find my contact number below my name and on my resume.


I am available for interview [insert preferred time and dates].


Hoping for your favourable response. Thank you.


Truly Yours,



[insert name]

[insert contact numbers]


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