What is a Letter of Application?

A letter of application is like an advertisement, it is a representation of what you offer but is not intended to say everything an employer needs to know about you.

A letter of application is a teaser that entices an employer to turn the page and look at your resume.

Now that you know what is a letter of application, let us proceed to answering the question ‘how to write a letter of application’.

Tips on How to Write a Letter of Application

1)      Short – the person who is reading your letter of application is busy. Say what you want to say in the first sentence and in as few words as you can

2)      Simple – don’t use big words, keep your sentences simple (one predicate, one subject), and communicate what you are saying clearly

3)      Highlight Your ‘Claim to Fame’ – make sure to say what sets you apart from other candidates. A college degree, skills, employment history, these are things that may also be claimed by other candidates. You need to mention something that no other candidates can claim.

Did you start a yearly even in your town that is now being carried on by others? Were you the number sales person for ten years in your last job? Did you hack the world bank?

4)      Perfect – no grammatical errors, no syntax errors

5)      A teaser – as we’ve mentioned, think of a letter of application as an advertisement. It does not say everything the employer needs to know about but it should something that will make the employer want to know more.

Tips To Make The Employer Want To Give You An Interview

1)      Don’t hold back. Say your ‘claim to fame’ right away.

2)      Be specific. Be different.

Saying “I am the first Student Body President who was able to recruit more than 3,000 students to participate in Wisconsin’s Free Tutoring Project” is better than saying “I have excellent organization skills and leadership abilities”.

3)      Say something memorable. Take a risk but a calculated one.

Like an ad, have a tagline. Well, don’t take it literally. Just say something that pops out, that’s memorable and easy to recall.


“I am foolishly hungry for success but wisely careful of my decisions.”

“I hate losing but have never been afraid of it.”

“Although I am not particularly certain of my public relations skills, I am certain of my genuine curiosity and interest on people. It is this interest that allowed me to write five pieces on eccentric social behavior. These articles have been published on [name of publication].”


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