Sample Application Letter for Fresh Graduates

Fresh Graduate Applicants for Marketing/Executive Assistant/Account Manager/Sales and other Similar Positions


This year, more than 2.6 million are going to graduate from college. That’s more than 2.6 million competitions from every job vacancy. Thanks the less than okay economy, graduates don’t really discriminate what job to apply for. An engineering graduate applies for executive assistant positions and just about any other job out there.


This is why you need to set yourself apart and you need to do anything you can to get an edge over competition. Before you job hunt, while you still have time, prepare.


Tips to Help Fresh Graduates Get The Job They Want

  1. Volunteer. There are a lot of non-profit organizations like habitat for humanity that will not pay well but they will give you some credible work experience to put on your resume. It would be great if you start while you are still studying. If building houses is not your thing, there are other non-profit organizations with different specializations. Look for one that fits your interest.
  2. Learn another language. If you are applying for a job that puts you in a position that will do a lot talking and dealing with other people, knowing another language will give you an advantage. You don’t need to pay to learn it either. There are a lot of materials online that you can download that will help you. Some of the languages that are in-demand are:
    1. Japanese
    2. Chinese
    3. French
    4. Spanish
  3. Own an event or a brand. It sounds more complicated than it really is. All you have to do is launch a project or an event. For example, launch a fundraising for your church or for a less fortunate community near your area. It can be a weeklong market featuring new designers, a concert featuring unsigned artists, collecting recyclable materials like newspapers and bottles and reselling it, collecting old clothes to donate, and many others. Make it a regular thing. That will prove your leadership, ability to work independently, organization and marketing abilities.

If you are in the field of web development or programming, then go program something and launch a site for your or for someone else.

Just own something in the field of your study.


Tips in Writing Your Application Letter


  1. Don’t repeat what you have on your resume.
  2. Establish your USP or that one achievement or credential that no one else can claim. See tip #3.
  3. Edit.
  4. Say what you want to say right away. People are busy so give them a break and cut the crap
  5. Answer this question in your letter: What is it that you have that will be useful to the company? Know what they need and prove that you can provide it.
  6. Don’t lie but you don’t have to emphasize your weakness either. For example, you don’t need to say you have high GWA if you don’t but you don’t have to say it took you 10 years to pass a single course either.
  7. Don’t use terms like “expert in”, “proven track record”, “extensive experience”, and other motherhood statement. Prove it, don’t say it. Instead of saying you “have proven ability to launch a produce” say “I conceptualized, launched, and is sustaining an annual fundraising event that has resulted to the construction of 5 children’s park in five less fortunate communities.” Get the drift?


Sample Application Letter for Fresh Graduates







Dear Ms. Last Name:


This is to apply for the position of Executive Assistant/Account Manager/Sales Officer/(Whatever).

For three years now, I have been running a bi-annual fundraising event that has provided full scholarships to more than 20 children through the World Vision Foundation. The event, called ‘Whatever Event’, is an event I conceptualized, started, personally organize, and promote. It is a month long street market that features new and small products from small business owners. At least 30% of each sale goes to the World Vision Foundation. We have raised a total of $100,000. This even has also given small business owners a chance to promote their product or service. More than ten products have gotten funding through the event and even more attest to how the event helped them gain new markets. You may visit the site for more details.

I also speak and write two other languages, Japanese and Italian. For the past 12 months, I have been tutoring more than 5 children on these languages.

I am a graduate of Whatever Study from the Whatever University. My resume will provide you with a more detailed description of what your company will get should you hire me.

Please find my contact numbers below my name. I also put it on my resume.

I am free for interviews or examinations on Whatever Date and Time.

Thank you. Hoping for your favorable response.


Truly Yours,


Full Name and signature on top

Your contact numbers

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