A Note To My Husbands Mistress

You can have him Honey, I'm upgrading. Unfortunately when I purchased my husband 10 years ago, rather than take the lifetime warranty, I chose the extended one at half the price. Should have known better! So, as you begin your new relationship that is based on lies, deceit and betrayal, remember this..... He betrayed his wife. He betrayed the sanctity of marriage. But, above all else, he betrayed the 2 people who thought the world of him - his 2 daughters. No matter what happens now, no matter if he ends up despising you, he must stay with you....because, if he loses you, then it means that this was all for nothing. I can't put a dollar figure on your head, because the "love factor" is priceless when it comes to children.... I wish you both all you deserve - eachother...... because that's all you both have left..... P.S: I taught him everything he knows about sex.....But you don't need to thank me.... The quickness of it...... That's all him.......

Posted on 2012-07-20 06:40:58 by Anonymous  

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