Heartbreaking BreakUp Letter


A broken heart is like a car crash. You see it coming back but it's too late to reverse.

You were the greatest contradiction in my life. You made me a better person but you also made me realize my worst and sometimes it happens at the same time in the worst possible place at the best possible time.

We are off the charts at our best but we grow ice cold at our worst. But just as at the brink of giving up, you always come back waving the white flag and when we do come back, it's like we going back to how we started... butterflies in our stomachs, excitement of the chase, i love yous in the middle of the night, stolen kisses in public place.

Falling in love with you was an absolute elation even though I knew you had penchant for breaking hearts. The love was warm enough for me to risk the pain. I would rather have all of you and all of now than miss the chance.

I just knew that we are trapped in a circle. We begin and right before we end, we begin again. Both of us knew we tried everything but nothing is working. We couldn't go to the higher ground or maybe there wasn't a higher ground within our sight. This is all we will ever have.

And as much as I love you, I know I will want want something more in the future like a marriage, children. And I love you enough to not insist it on you.

I knew honey, and I still know. When I get lost, you'll still be the one to find me. When I drown, you'll be the one to rescue me. When I fall, you'll be the first on the ground to catch me.

I never doubt your love.

It is that same love that gives me the strength to end it because we are headed to a dead end and with the speed we are going, we are going to crash hard. If we don't step on the breaks now, we'll have nothing left.

I love you honey, I probably always will and that is why I am walking away now.

Posted on 2011-07-26 06:32:02 by Anonymous  

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this is sad

Posted on 2011-07-29 05:41:00 by csistokes