Mitos Kehidupann Dan Motivasi

"Keikhlasan itu umpama seekor semut hitam di atas batu yang hitam di malam yang amat kelam. Ianya wujud tapi amat sukar dilihat."

Posted on 2013-12-28 22:29:09 by Anonymous  

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Thank You Darling

My Darling,

Your smile,

your laugh,

the look on your face that you get when you look at me.

Thank you for that.

It all proves that you're actually here, and you're not the man that every 7 year old girl dreams about.

It's're him. The man I married at 7 years old and had baby stuffed dogs with...he's you.

I found you so early. I being only 15, you one year older, and yet we knew in a day we were meant to be. You've already proposed, and I've already said yes.

My darling, for now and always

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1-when a person laughs too much, even on stupid things, that person is sad deep inside

2-when a person sleeps a lot, that person is lonely

3-when a person talks less and if he talks fast,that person is keeping a secret

4-when a person can't cry, that person is weak

5-when a person eats in an abnormal way, that person is in tension

6-when a person cries on little things, that person is softhearted

7-when someone asks about you although that someone is busy, he/she really loves you

*please be sensitive to the people around you, so you will not

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this will be my new world


this will be my first entry..i still new in this world.

'sometimes, i just need someone to talk to'

but i never get someone that really help me to solve my problem even my family.

that make me really want's my own space that i never get..

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Dear Heart Stealer,

                           You're my best friend. You're the person who I trust more than myself. And that day, that day you and I were laying on the grass and you got close to me, whispering with your soft voice, 'kiss me', I never should have. Never. If I had known what would have happened and what will happen, I never would have.

Never would I have loved.

Never would I have kissed your lips.

Never would I have held your dirty hands.

Never would I have laid next to your scarred body.

Never would I have shed the

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bits and pieces

I keep getting flashes in my mind,

The feeling so real

Every touch so warm

I run to you As your arms are opened wide

We hug, my arms around your neck

Your arms around my waist

I don't know who you are. Your height doesn't seem to be much taller than mine

Your arms and shoulders seem sturdy and strong

Your hair is short

Your face remains unknown

Are you possibly someone I will meet in the future?

Or are you just a segment of my imagination? 

Posted on 2013-11-11 23:31:45 by Honest Heart  | Read More

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Just Wondering

Jihyo still in a relationship or not ?

Posted on 2013-11-08 10:46:30 by Anonymous  | Read More

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